7 Simple Tricks to Take Great Smartphone Pictures for Online Listing

Google reuse labelsmartphone-789625_960_720Taking GREAT smartphone pictures is important to make your item stand out & show what it’s really worth!  If you follow simple tips below, you can take amazing pictures in no time!

  • Adjust resolution.  While most phones now come with 15+MP capabilities, you never need that size for any type of social sharing or online listing.  Also remember, you can only upload up to 5mb in size.

For most social sharing, 5 MP will give you plenty of data, including enough for some cropping. If you don’t foresee considerable cropping or prints, as small as 2 MP will be fine.  Read more on Tom’s Guide

  • Resist zoom/magnification. Smartphones typically do not come with real zoom lens which means each time you zoom, you’re using digital zoom, negatively effecting quality and sharpness of image greatly.
  • Include empty space. Having some empty space around the picture would help picture to look more natural and dramatic.  Also, when shop listing software creates thumbnail, it only uses center square area so it helps to have a bit of ‘negative space’ around the product.
  • Your items don’t like flash either. Using flash is never a good idea for any kinds of listing.  Instead, find a bright light in the house like kitchen or dining area or your sunlight during the day to take a great, colorful picture without flash.
  • Google reuse label6359719991_d1512cc397_oSteady as she goes. Keep the phone still when shooting. Brace your elbows against your body or on a table, or steady your arm against a wall.
  • Focus. Most phones makes focusing super easy by just tapping on an object within the screen.  Make sure your pictures are focused on what you want to show.
  • Crop. You don’t want to show what’s outside of your intended background like chairs or doggy bowl if you’re using table as background.  Crop those to make it look more focused!

If you follow all these tips, you’ll be taking great photos to be used for your online listing.  Got another tip you’d like to share?  Need more help or have a question?  Share with us below in comments.

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