Positioning Guide for Uploading a New Product (& sell baby clothes)

Adding a new product to sell baby clothes & more on Onesie2Onesie is very easy.  But it may take some getting used to in the beginning.  This quick guide will show you exactly where you will find all the steps listed on the guide.  Guide on ‘Seller’s Dashboard’ will spell out 18 step instruction detailing every step.  However, it really can be summarized into 5 major parts.

  • Part 1: Item Name & Description (steps 1~2)
  • Part 2: Categories (step 3)
  • Part 3: Pictures (steps 4~9)
  • Part 4: Product Info (steps 10~17)
  • Part 5: Publish! (step 18)

Below screenshot (click for larger picture) will show you exactly where you will find line item listed on your instruction based on the each parts/steps listed above.

Add New Product ‹ Onesie 2 Onesie

Not sure if you did it right?  Don’t worry and just submit it.  We’ll make sure everything looks good before making it live.

See few more ares that’s not mentioned?  Those are optional items to make the items even easier to find but it’s generally not necessary nor required.

Have a question?  Visit our seller’s forum!

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