First time ‘Add New Product’ setting

If you’re adding new product for the first time, here’s a one quick things you should do.  Change ‘Screen Options’ column from 2 to 1.

By default, screen options column is set to 2 so that you can see more things on same page.  But making it 1 column makes things much easier.  And all the tutorials and help will be based on 1 column setting.  Once you are familiar with the this process, you can activate 2 columns at any time.

Step by Step instruction

  1. Get to ‘Add New Product’ page (step 1 on dashboard instruction)
  2. Click on top right menu ‘Screen Options’
  3. Find Number of Columns which has 2 selected as default.
  4. Select ‘Number of Columns: 1’.
  5. Click on ‘Screen Options’ to make it disappear.
  6. You will only need to do this once as system will remember your preference.

screen options setting

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