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Sell kids clothes to us & get paid!


Your unwanted clothes are awesome gift to new parents who needs them


We help recycling gently used clothes and other items to help sustainability & make it affordable!

Send us your outgrown kid’s clothes and get new clothes for your baby Cash new clothes for you!

Swap Box is our way of saying Super-Easy Consignment program.  You send us a box of pre-loved, outgrown kids’ clothing using our prepaid label, give us a few days to go through your box and evaluate, and we’ll send you your money.  It’s that simple!  This is perfect for those parents who want to sell the clothes but don’t have the time to sort through and sell it yourself.  Save time & Sell kids clothes for money to us!

Sens us a Swap Box, Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Consignment made simple!

  • 1. Pack a box

  • 2. Request & Print a shipping label

  • 3. Ship & Wait for your payout!

Standard & Evaluation

googleyreuseclothes-166848_Clothing should be in great to excellent condition with no stains, holes, pilling, or signs of wear and tear.  All clothing sent to Onesie2Onesie must be for children from newborn to 10 years old only (typical sizes).  We will handle your clothing/items very gently and inspect each item using our quality inspection process.  Items that meet our standard will be added to our site and you’ll be notified.  Please note that the evaluation and shipping process can take up to four weeks.

Our Simple Rule: Only send us the clothes or items you would buy for your baby!

We also accept small toys and other non-perishable, sealed food items, along with other baby related items.  Please ask prior to shipment.  Note that our high standard will be used to evaluate any item we receive.  All toys and items must be in good working order, free from any damages and complete.

For toys only: We only accept toys that can be held in one hand by a child due to size restriction (including books).


Once your Swap Box has been processed, we’ll notify you via email with our count and our offer.  Typically, consignment prices are set at roughly 50% of the potential sell price of the item which is regularly updated based on market demand.  This payout price also varies based on the condition and brand of the item.  Once you get our offer on your Swap Box, simply let us know how you’d like to get paid (PayPal or Check) and we’ll process your payment right away; unlike regular consignment stores, you get paid up-front.  Then, all that’s left is for your to collect your payment and buy what you’ve been saving in your cart!


Pricing guideline may change based on market trend and our inventory. Most categories will have a two pricing system.  These are range based on condition and quality of the clothing.  Not everything we accept is listed so please ask if you have any questions within comment field.

Watch icon on each tab for current status

X = Currently NOT accepted
Heart = we are accepting these categories
Star = We need this category & minimum 12% boost on payout

Pricing can change at any time based on market trend without notice.

Baby Clothes

Sizes from P~24M

Onesies/bodysuites: $0.55 / $1.50

Tops: $0.65 / $2.50

Bottoms: $0.75 / $3.00

Dresses: $0.85 / $3.50

Outfits & Sets: $1.50 / $4.25

Outer Wear: $1.25 / $4.00

Pajamas: $0.99 / $3.50

Swimwear: $0.99 / $3.00

Shoes: $1.00 / $3.00

Toddler Clothes

Sizes from 2T ~ 5T

Tops: $0.75 / $3.00

Bottoms: $0.85 / $3.25

Dresses: $1.05 / $5.00

Outfits & Sets: $2.05 / $5.25

Outer Wear: $1.65 / $4.75

Pajamas: $1.25 / $4.00

Swimwear: $1.25 / $3.50

Shoes: $1.25 / $3.35

Kid Clothes

Sizes from 4~12

Tops: $0.95 / $3.75

Bottoms: $1.15 / $3.85

Dresses: $1.50 / $5.95

Outfits & Sets: $2.55 / $5.75

Outer Wear: $1.99 / $4.99

Pajamas: $1.55 / $4.50

Swimwear: $1.45 / $4.25

Shoes: $1.50 / $4.00


Sunglasses: $0.55
Hair Accessories: $0.55
Belts, Hats, Gloves, Tights, Purses: $0.65
Backpacks: $1.50

Baby Gear/Nursing/Feeding

Diaper bag: $5.50 / $12.25
Bibs: $0.19 / $0.75
Dishes & Utensils (set of 2): $0.25 / $0.55
Bottles (set of 3): $0.50 / $0.85
Baby Sling/Snugli: $4.50 / $10.25
Nursing Pillow: $1.50 / $4.00
Nursing Cover: $2.50 / $3.25
Car Seat Cover: $1.25 / $2.75


We only accept small toys or books that can be held in one hand by a child

General Toys: $0.50 / $2.50
Learning Toys (Leapfrog, Puzzle): $2.25 / $4.50
Building Sets (Lego, Blocks): $2.25 / $3.50
Games & Puzzles: $0.50 / $1.50
Books & DVDs: $0.50 / $1.50


Is this considered as consignment?

It’s better than consignment.  Instead of sending us your stuff, waiting for a while to get paid what’s left of all fees & commission, we just pay you up front, making it simple & quick.  We don’t like waiting to get paid & we don’t want you to wait either!

Do I need to pay for shipping label?

Shipping label we send you is FREE, we won’t even deduct it from your earnings.  However, we do require a minimum of 40 pieces in a box for a free swap box shipping label. (does not have to be single size/category)  If you do not have the minimum pieces we require but still want to ship a box to us, please contact us below and we’ll work something out.

Is there a limit on how much I can send, box size?

Our primary carrier is FEDEX and they have some guidelines on what we can do for ground shipping.  Click here for more info from FEDEX.  If you use typical sized boxes you often see for moving (medium or large) or shipping, you should be fine.  At this time, we are only accepting maximum of 100 pieces at a time to control box size and processing efficiency.

Do you have a limit on my payout?

Of course not!  Any item we accept will be paid out to you right away!  Doesn’t matter how much.

What is your acceptance rate?

WWe typically accept about 60% of all items sent to us.

What happens to items that are not accepted?

You will be notified of all rejected items with your earning report.  You can choose below whether you’d like us to donate rejected items or send them back to you. If you choose to have us send rejected items back to you, you will be charged a return shipping cost of $10.  Please note that we are unable to provide individual donation receipt as we collect all rejected items in bulk.  But typically, these items are donated to either local shelter or charity.

What would be a typical cause for items not being accepted?

We have high quality standards and we go through each item we receive.  Any items with any defect or not being in prime condition will be rejected.  We would not want to sell clothes that we wouldn’t want our own children to wear.  So please inspect your items before sending them to us.

Ok, how do I get started?

Fill out form at the bottom and give us basic information we need.  It’s never been easier to sell kids clothes for money & get paid quick!

Ready to ship us a box?  Fill out form below and we’ll email you a shipping label.  It’s that simple!

NOTICE: We’re currently NOT accepting new Swap Box until we can clear the backlog.  If you submit the forms below, you will be listed within waiting list & contacted once we’re ready for next box.

When you send us a Swap Box, you are

Saving the Environment!

3Did you know that it takes about 700 gallons of water to make a piece of clothing?  Imagine how many gallons of water you’re saving by swapping one box of clothes!

Saving Money

googlereuse-moneysaveThrough Swap Box, you’ll be earning cash for the boxes of clothes that would otherwise be sitting in your garage for years to come.  Plus, you are helping other families get the items they need at a much lower cost!

Supporting Charities

googlereuse-shareloveWe are committed to supporting organizations that helps our communities.  We donate 50% of net proceeds to local charities,  and well as any rejected items that are not returned to sender.

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