Opening perk for sellers

As a brand new online market place, we need sellers!!!  And even if you’re not ready to sell used baby clothes yet because you are waiting for your second baby to grow out of it, you can still get this perk!

New sellers who signs up as a seller on Onesie Exchange from now till end of November (2015) will get permanent savings of 25% on seller feesThis perk will apply whether you list and/or sell anything within promotional period or not.  Your rate will be locked in!

So hurry up & sign up today before the time runs out and start selling!


Click here for seller FAQ

Click here to go to seller application directly

Terms & Conditions

  • Last application must be submitted by end of November
  • Your vendor application approval will take 1~2 days as normal
  • Verification may be required prior to becoming a vendor
  • You’ll see commission rate of 91% instead of normal 88% (this is amount you’ll keep when you sell an item)
  • 25% discount is based on 3% reduction from regular 12% fees. (9% fee + 3% credit card processing fee)
  • This promotional commission rate is permanent for minimum of 2 years and we plan to keep it the same unless there’s inevitable change in our business model
  • If you have any questions about this perk, use comment form below
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