New Baby in Town – Onesie2Onesie Online Marketplace for Baby and Children’s Clothes

FOR RELEASE ON 10/22/2015

10/22/2015  Orange County, CA.  Onesie2Onesie.com, a parent-focused marketplace for baby and children’s clothes, has officially announced their launch.  Onesie 2 Onesie has teamed up with ‘Adventures of the Mommy Homemaker’ to reach out to prospective users!


Click on the picture for more details on #GiveAway

‘Adventures of the Mommy Homemaker’ will be running a #GIVEAWAY campaign to one lucky participant.

@Mammahomemaker described Onesie 2 Onesie as

‘Well think of it like E-bay and Amazon got married and gave birth to Onesie 2 Onesie! For real!’

http://Onesie2Onesie.com is a new type of market place to help parents to sell their baby’s no longer needed clothes in bulk.  The whole idea was designed by a couple who did not get any hand-me-downs when their baby was the first in 20 years within the family.  This caused the couple to look for ways to buy baby clothes in bulk at affordable prices.  Thus, Onesie 2 Onesie was created to recycle baby clothes in hand-me-down / bulk fashion that’s beneficial for both the buyer and seller.  To learn more about Onesie 2 Onesie , visit our about us page @ onesie2onesie.com


Onesie 2 Onesie, a California corporation is a part of April Corporation founded in 2010.  Onesie 2 Onesie is created and will do its best to be a good ‘Mommy’s (& Daddy’s) helper’ on the net.

Onesie 2 Onesie
‘Mommy’s Little Helper’

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  1. Mabel Johnson
    Mabel Johnson says:

    I am all about Onesie2Onesie and would consider becoming a buyer and seller. Baby items are here today and by tomorrow the child is either over the you or have outgrown the outfit you have been saving for them to wear. I have many baby items with new tags that are just boxed away, due to this.


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