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Updated 1/14/16


Rules & guidelines: For Facebook, you can like or share to qualify.  For twitter, you must retweet (RT) to qualify.  Once you share/like/RT, message us within that social platform with your email address.  We’ll verify your sharing/like/RT and send you giftcard via email.  Since email is system generated, it may end up in your junk mail folder.  ONE FREE giftcard per person.  Does NOT need to be new customer for this promotion.  Share and request any time till last day of Feb. 2016  Gift card provided will expire at the end of March, 2016. or 30 days.  Maximum number of entry is 100.  Onesie2Onesie can adjust offer period or max participant at any time.  Giftcard is used like cash, no restriction and can be used with any coupons.  Typical processing time is 24 hours or 1 business day.  Please note that if you remove like or share after receiving giftcard, we may revoke your giftcard.

To participate, please visit our social page: Facebook  |  Twitter


This post list/displays current promotions and rules that are currently active by Onesie2Onesie.  All rules & guidelines for current and most recent promotion will be available on this page.  Please keep in mind that Onesie2Onesie reserve right to change or cancel any promotion at any time.  To participate in our social promotion, please click on link below:

Facebook  |  Twitter

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