Onesie Exchange is a market place created for you, all parents out there trying to figure out how to get affordable bulk baby clothes for ever-fast-growing baby or trying to figure out what to do with boxes of baby clothes that’s no longer needed.  We wanted to create a safe, friendly place where we can create a community market place where we can help each other.  We’d like to make this place where we can give each other hand-me-downs for a reasonable cost for both giver and receiver.

Why should I buy at Onesie2Onesie?

We understand you have choices.  And there are many different places to buy clothes including countless of local retailers.  But when we were looking for similar type clothes where we can buy gently used clothes in bulk for everyday wear, there wasn’t much choices especially online.  And shopping around with pregnant belly or even with an infant is not fun.  So we created Onesie Exchange to make things easy for you.

Is my purchase gauranteed?

Of course!  All your purchase is guaranteed by Onesie2Onesie.  You also get protectionpaypal_buyer_protection_2015_04_30 from payment processor such as paypal and your bank from any fraudulent activities.

In fact, we have a policy in place to make sure you get your item before seller is paid to ensure safe arrival and give you time to verify the item you received.

What do I do if there’s an issue with my purchase?

As soon as your item arrives, it’s important for you to inspect and make sure you got the correct items that was listed.

Initial acceptance: You have 3 day window to report any issues upon receipt.  As long as you report issues during this window, we will work with seller to find a solution asap.

After initial acceptance, we will still allow any issues to be reported within 7 days of receipt.  At this point, we will contact the seller and attempt to reach an resolution but at this point, it’ll be up to the seller and is not covered by our guarantee.