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We’re excited to announce that ‘Make your Offer’ is now available on all our products! This new feature will allow buyers to get exactly what they want, by allowing them to offer a new price or request changes to the seller’s existing sets to fit their needs.

Introducing ‘Make your Offer’!

Click on Make Offer

Step 1. Click on Make Offer

Step 2. Submit your offer

Step 2. Submit your offer

‘Make your Offer’ is very simple to use.


Step 1. Simply find any set of clothing/items you’d like to purchase & Click on ‘Make Offer’ next to ‘Add to cart’.

Step 2. Then fill out quantity (which normally would be 1), the price you’d like to pay, and use offer notes to request changes (swap or remove an item).

Step 3.  Then you wait for seller to respond and either accept or counter offer!

Counter or accept offer

Step 3. Counter or accept offer

You can negotiate and counter offer as many times as both sides are willing.  But keep in mind that during the negotiating process, another buyer can purchase that item set right away.  And the seller can also be entertaining more than one offer at a time on the same item.

Any questions?  Leave us comment below!  Happy Shopping!

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