Pony for Christmas

‘Twas the night before Christmas,
And all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring…
Scratch that. One was stirring.

Cookies-milk-santaIn fact, there was a young girl who was wide awake, hiding cleverly between a sofa and coffee table. The chimney and Christmas tree were directly in her line of sight, and she hunkered down in her spot quietly anticipating the fated arrival of Santa Claus. Little Laila loved Christmas, and this year she was determined to see the big man himself.

As the little girl gazed out over the living room from her concealed hiding place, she felt a twang of hunger in her stomach. Glancing this way and that to make sure the coast was clear (she didn’t want Santa to catch her being naughty!), she snaked her arm up to the table beside her and plucked a cookie straight off a plate filled with carrots and cookies.

The cookie was coated in little crystals, which stuck to Laila’s lips, making her as sweet as a sugar plum. Her hunger satisfied, she returned her attention to the important task of lookout.

What seemed like hours passed, and yet there was still no sign of Santa. The night grew darker and darker, finally becoming black as coal. The only source of light came from the twinkling strands that were strategically wrapped around a small tree. Laila felt her eyelids become heavy and eventually droop, the flickering of the lights mesmerizing her into a tired state. Eventually she nodded off, her thoughts of catching Santa morphing into that of dancing princesses and handsome nutcrackers.

christmas-928332_960_720The next morning she was awoken by voices.  “Where is Laila?” they sounded panicked.  Laila, blinking sleepily, emerged from her hiding place with a squeak of a yawn. At that, her family rushed toward her, all speaking at once.  “Oh, Laila!” they cooed, relief coloring their tone.  “We looked everywhere for you! Everyone was getting so worried!”

“We even had to unwrap all of your presents to see if you were inside them! And when you weren’t, we thought that Santa might have taken you away up the chimney!” her daddy grinned down at her.

Laila gaped up at her family in horror. How dare they open her presents!  She was just about to speak this aloud when her daddy burst into laughter and said,”I was just kidding about going through your presents. But look at what Santa did bring you!”

Laila looked past them all, and there, sitting right in front of the tree was the thing that she had wanted most for Christmas. Too big to have even been wrapped, a stuffed miniature pony was waiting for her. Laila shrieked in delight and ran over to it, throwing her arms around its neck.

“Butterscotch!!!!” she cried out the pony’s name, immediately disregarding all the other presents under the tree. This had been what she desired most, and she got it.
Laila smiled as she imagined her Butterscotch being one of the Reindeer that pulled Santa’s sleigh across the land, delivering each child a special gift to warm their hearts.

Written by Lynn Miller
Onesie2Onesie contributor

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