I was on the phone with Santa – Christmas with children

Mia and Sophie are two sisters who spent their time fighting for Mom and Dad’s attention. Mia was eight, and was deeply jealous of her little sister Sophie, who was only two years old. For obvious reasons, Sophie tended to get more attention. Mom and Dad were always telling Mia that back in the day when she was a baby, Mia had all their attention; but she just keep feeling upset.

ID-10065230It was mid-December and the Christmas mood was popping up everywhere. Preparing for the holiday was getting very difficult for the parents. There were constant questions of “Will Sophie get more gifts?, Why is she getting more clothes?, Her coat is prettier than mine!” And on the other side: “Mooom… Mia is taking my candies. Mooom… Mia is pulling my dress.” Mom and Dad are simply trying not to lose their minds as you can imagine.

“Good evening Mr. Claus”

One day, while Dad was taking out some ornaments from the basement, Sophie and Mia started a war in the kitchen. They were fighting over which of them was the better helper to mom, who was just trying to make some cookies. Mom, who just had enough, said: “That’s enough! None of you have any Christmas spirit, so I’m calling Santa!” Sophie’s eyes got wide open, full of surprise, while Mom picked the phone and started dialing. Mia laughed, but just a little; she wondered if her mom could talk to Santa. “Good evening Mr. Claus… Yes, this is Mia and Sophie’s mother… Yes, I’ve been telling them the same… Of course, I’ll get Mia on the phone.”

“I was on the phone with Santa…”

Mia walked very slowly to the phone, and got a serious face once she heard Santa. A deep, gentle voice told Mia how as a big sister, she should be an example for little Sophie, and how hooligans get no gifts for Christmas. Santa also told her to show love to her sister, because they were the most precious gift for each other. After a while, Mia answered with a one and only “okay” and hung up the phone. Dad came into the kitchen, and saw everybody was quiet, so he asked what happened. Mom was trying not to laugh. Dad looked at Mia waiting for an answer, who finally said: “I was on the phone with Santa. He said I should teach Sophie some good manners, or we won’t get any gifts for Christmas.”  And needless to say, there was no more fighting that Christmas!


Written by Lindsley Román
Onesie2Onesie contributor

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