Hovering for a Smile – Child raising

If you have ever seen a hummingbird you have seen something akin to a first time parent. Their nerves and general excitement cause them to hover over the crib waiting for that sweet nectar of baby’s first smile. And let me tell you, it’s worth it!

babysleepingincribChild raising will be a difficult yet rewarding experience and no one is truly prepared for it. First there is the overwhelming concern that you make no mistakes at all – quickly followed by adjusting that goal to be something more achievable. One interesting baby fact is that the human eye does not grow throughout your lifetime. Those fully grown eyes set in a tiny little face have the psychological benefit of bringing out the natural desire to protect the child.

“sleep while you can” because once the child bearing is over you will never sleep in again!

Having a child changes your life in every way. The child raising experience involves packing a small suitcase every time you leave home and leaving yourself open to spontaneous conversations with strangers. I think everyone imagines similar things when envisioning parenthood, but for me it was the relentless nature of my concern for them that took me by surprise. I remember my son getting sick all over me and my only concern was with him. I recall worrying whether I was handling my daughter’s tantrums the right way. As the old baby joke goes “sleep while you can” because once the child bearing is over you will never sleep in again!

As parents you only remember… good times… in full color.

babyfeedinghimselfmilkAs parents you only remember the bad times in shades of grey but the good times, which vastly outnumber the bad, are in full color. You will make mistakes; while there are many books on child raising, your children do not come with handbooks. Forgive yourself. Each day look back at something you did right and strive to do something right again that day and the next. The time will fly by and you will suddenly be looking at the wrong side of a closed door behind which your teenager lives. Enjoy them when they are little and your teen will open that door for you again. You just need to hover a little bit and wait for that first smile.


Written by Darla Verlinden
Onesie2Onesie contributor


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