Christmas Gifts for Opty and Pessy: Reactions

ID-100276546The Mist family had beautiful twin girls who were very identical as far as looks were concerned. In other aspects they were as different as chalk and cheese. When one thought it was too hot, the other felt it was freezing. If one claimed that the music was too loud, the other wanted the volume turned higher. They seemed to conflict in every way, with Opty being the perpetual optimist, and Pessy, the doom and gloom pessimist.

To see how their kids’ would react, last Christmas while the twins were out at their friend’s house, Mom and Dad showered Pessy’s bedroom with all the toys and games that you can think of and then dumped horse manure in Opty’s room. When the twins came back home from their play date, they rushed upstairs in anticipation of pleasant surprises.

Later, their Dad walked by Pessy’s room and noticed her sitting in the middle of her brand new Christmas gifts crying angrily.

ID-100382532“Why are you so upset, dear?” he asked.

“Oh Daddy, you have no idea just how so jealous my friends will be. I will be forced to read all these instructions before doing anything with these things,” she said, tossing a manual aside. “All these toys and games require batteries,” wailing even more loudly she continued. “And they might get stolen or will eventually break!” concluded the pessimist twin.

“I’m so sorry Pessy, we can return all these to the store tomorrow. Now clean up and go to bed.”

He then went to check on Opty. Unbelievably, she was dancing for joy in the pile of manure!

“Why are you so excited?” he asked the optimist twin.

Without stopping her dance of joy; and beaming from ear to ear, she responded, “All this manure?! There definitely has to be a pony in here somewhere!”


Written by Dee K. writes
Onesie2Onesie contributor

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