When our son Dean was conceived, it was first new baby news in 20 years in our family.  As such, there were no hand-me-downs to receive.  While we wanted to buy some cute clothes for Dean bean, we did not know how to get the quantity we needed for everyday use.  We were fortunate to get some leftover hand me down from a friend as well as received many gifts from Dean’s grandparents and family. However once we start our daily routine, we realized the baby need plenty of spare clothes to change round the clock.  Long story short, we really wished there was a place where we could go to get bulk baby clothes at a reasonable price, almost like buying a hand me down that  we did not get.

button-deal-roundSo we have decided to create a online marketplace for parents like us.  At Onesie2Onesie, you can not only find bulk baby clothes and other necessities in bulk but you are able to sell yours once you’re done with it.

Initial phase of Onesie2Onesie will composed of Onesie Exchange and Deals, Baby, Deals!  Here are short explanations of what we offer.

Onesie Exchange – Onesie Exchange is name of our shop.  Almost everything in our shop is pre-loved & owned baby items and we help recycling these cute baby clothes!  We want parents to be able to arrive, filter, and find what they are looking for within few minutes.  Because if you’re looking for bulk baby clothes, we know you do not have a lot of time to sort through and waste.  We’ve been there.

Do Good while shoppingWe partnered with Clear Charity, a non-profit organization providing low-income families with FREE & subsidized diapers!  In fact, 50% of net proceeds from Onesie Exchange will be Donated toward funding Diaper Bank / Diaper Gap programs. (Visit DiaperGap.org to learn about Diaper Gap & program details)

What’s better than Shopping & Helping at the same time?

So what are you waiting for?  Let’s go Shopping!

  • Dana & Jay PK